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Holidays in Villasimius

Known as the Pearl of the South, Villasimius is a beautiful town with 25 kms of coastline and 20 beaches dotted with rocky cliffs. The intense colours of the sea, its clear and brilliant sea, and the natural scenery of granite rocks, pretty coves, long stretches of sand, lagoons and green hills will be just impossible to forget.

The beaches

Simius: this is the beach of the town and it is the closest to the Residence Le Fontane. A kilometre of fine, soft, white sand stretching towards south-east from the village. This bay, protected from the wind, is caressed by a crystal-clear, transparent sea, with shades ranging from green to blue and a seabed that slopes gently.

Is Traias: a 150-metre-long bay, set between two rocky cliffs covered with Mediterranean maquis. The sand is white and the seabed is low and transparent.

Notteri Beach: located about 4 kms from the town of Villasimius. It can also be reached on foot along the same promenade that leads to Simius beach. At its back is the Notteri pond from which the beach gets its name. It is perfect for families with children thanks to its sloping seabed.

Porto Giunco is located near Notteri beach. Its sand is fine and white, the water incredibly clear and turquoise. It features a coastal tower that can be reached on foot or on horseback, where visitors can enjoy the view of the extraordinary coastline, one of the most beautiful in Sardinia.

Spiaggia del Riso: the texture of the sand, made of white grains that resemble rice, is unique. It is located very close to the tourist marina and it is part of the Capo Carbonara marine protected area. It is surrounded by crystal-clear sea, with a shallow, sandy seabed characterised by colours ranging from emerald green to blue.

Campulongu is a long, narrow stretch of white sand surrounded by a pine wood and Mediterranean shrubland. The seabed is shallow and suitable for children to play in.

Campus: This golden sandy beach is set at the mouth of a river and it is perfect for long swims surrounded by multicoloured fish or long walks.

Porto Sa Ruxi: This beach is a sort of bay, characterised by a three-inlet sandy shore with the finest white sand, enclosed between low rocks and thick Mediterranean maquis.



The area surrounding Villasimius is rich in natural and historical sights. Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts can discover the flora and the fauna in the Capo Carbonara marine protected area.
This area covers a surface of 86 square kilometres, from Capo Boi to the island of Serpentara, including the island of Cavoli. It is possible to visit the area by guided boat trips or on foot. It is also possible to admire flamingos, fin whales and dolphins, or to spot the largest bivalve mollusc in the Mediterranean: the pinna nobilis.
The territory is dotted with ancient Spanish towers, built to guard the area against potential pirate attacks. There is also an old fortress on the Capo Boi promontory that was used until the Savoy era. Today it is a museum and from there, visitors can enjoy unforgettable sunsets.
The Museo Civico di Villasimius (Civic Museum of Villasimius) has a collection of artefacts from different historical eras, including the remains of an ancient Phoenician-Roman temple, ancient amphorae and a wreck dating back to 1500.
Visitors can also go shopping among the small handicraft shops, enjoy fresh seafood based meals or take an evening stroll through the streets of the town centre, which offers live music and a colorful night market.

Typical dishes

The restaurants in the area offer typical Sardinian dishes, based on fresh local ingredients.
Among the typical specialities of Villasimius is Sa Costedda, a rustic focaccia made with flour, yeast, water, salt, onions or tomatoes. It can be found in any bakery and pastry shop in Villasimius and is often served in the best restaurants too.
Malfatti is another typical delight: gnocchi made with the freshest local ricotta and spinach, served with tomato sauce. Sweet fried ravioli are also made with fresh ricotta, served hot and covered with the finest honey.